The Alliance of Border Collaboratives (ABC) was incorporated in 2009 as a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) to develop prevention efforts and to collaborate with other organizations dealing with issues that affect vulnerable populations. A volunteer Board of Directors provides ABC with oversight and insures the fulfillment of our mission.

  • ABC has partnered with local and national academic and community organizations on several funded contracts and grants. 
  • ABC brings together organizations and individuals to advance the practice of public health, promote social equity, affordable housing, and community development. 
  • ABC is a resource to access materials and methods drawn form successful initiatives, programs and services to improve the lives of underserved communities and populations. 
  • ABC has expertise in intervention design, advocacy and mobilizaiton, as well as program evaluation using applied research techniques, to build community capacity. 

For more information or if you woul like to collaborate with us, please contact us at (915) 584-2875.